Friday, December 20, 2013

#18 - Third week

A quite busy week with some problems.

In France, the bank made an error and reclaimed us about 5000€ ($6 835) because we wanted to reimburse our apartment loan in advance. But this error was on a paper needed for the sale to make sure the whole load was paid. So the sale was stopped until we give the money to the notary. Tyn called the notary and the bank on Monday morning at 6:00 AM for us (thanks Bash for waking us up and thanks Tyn for watching your emails), but of course our bank is closed on Mondays \o/ But Tyn (he's my hero) called the bank headquarter and the woman was nice and corrected the mistake and sent the paper to the notary. So one problem solved (well for the moment ...)

Still in France, the company which has installed our windows had to come back to change one shutter and to repair another one. This company is named Ecosol and honestly, avoid it at all costs! The workers had to come the 12/2, and because we had no news, we contacted the company and the real estate agency which had to get our keys back. The real estate agent has got back the keys after he saw my email and he checked the shutters. And surprise, just one has been fixed. So I harassed the society, and he answered to us, in a very harsh way, that his workers and travels are not free and when they left, all the shutters worked, so they won't come back. I forwarded these kind words to the real estate agent who now has to find a way to fix the last shutter (with a lawyer it'll work better). They came 3 times for these shutters!

In the United States, ArenaNet payed us back the money we spent in our moving, so proudly, I go to the bank to make a check deposit with the ATM. Unfortunately, at Bank of America, when you deposit more than $1000 by check, you only get $200 in your account, and you have to wait 10 days to have the rest. Well no problem we don't have to eat this week :D

We connected the TV and the PS4 \o/ and we saw that our new TV is damaged /o\, we have to wait for an answer of the after-sales service ... Nevertheless we tried to connect  the TV to what we thought be the building TV antenna using an outlet in the wall ... well it is not the outlet for the building antenna, it's to receive Comcast, but we don't want it (too expensive at not really interesting). So we bought an indoor antenna. We saw that we could received some nice channels (KZJO, Q13Fox, Ion). But of course, there is just one good position for it in our apartment, 3 days to find it (yes it works when i am near it, and doesn't when i am in the couch ... 80s \o/). Later, we will probably take Netflix and/or Hulu, cheaper than Comcast and better for us.

Well, let's see the good news: we have a couch and we found a restaurant which do some curry pork like in Japan \o/

Yes, it's a normal size, we didn't asked for a big one, and on the side you have a soup and a salad, if you are really hungry ... just with the pork and the rice, I have 2 big meals.

Bash approved the couch exactly 2 minutes after we finished to built it! It is really huge and very comfortable. The seller helped us to bring it to our apartment with his car. For the story, the sellers are from Hungary, he works at Microsoft with a H1B visa, like Tyn, his wife have her H4 visa for 2 years, she can't work ... it doesn't reassure me :D

We looked at your locations in Google for the last 30 days, here is the result:

On Friday morning, we had the pleasure to see some snow \o/

At the Subway (\o/), my change contained a $1 bill with an url on it: ! A track system for bills Oo. Mine comes from Portland and it was born in March 2012, I am the first person to signal it. It is useless but it surprised me ;-)