Saturday, December 14, 2013

#16 - Second week

Inevitably this week was peaceful than the previous one, thankfully!

This is what animated the week : we received a lot of packages (because we bought a lot of things \o/).
We received an automatic vacuum cleaner (its name is Neato XV-21), the TV (a beautiful samsung with a piece paid by the ex-colleagues of Tyn, thanks Ubi Lille!), our new phones (Nexus 5) and their cases.

So we had to take these things in hand:
- change our sim cards which were not of the good size. Again we could take the advantage of T-mobile services. In less than 10 minutes, we had our new sim cards, with a smile although it was more than 8:00 PM. What a pleasure!
- connect the TV and the PS4. We discovered that Sony has thought about everything ... hell no, Tyn's player account is french, so all the services of the PS4 were those in France, so there is less things. And for security reasons, we can't change the country of the PS4 account. So you have 2 choices : delete your account to keep your name, but you lose everything you've got in this account (game, trophies, etc.) or do another account. We decided to have an account by country, it's really more simple ;-)

 - let the vaccum doing his job. What a pleasure to just push the start button, go to your desk and just wait that the work is done and your apartment is clean. I better understand Tyn's life (Bam, in your face!). Another good point for it, it intrigues the cats, so they are awake. Well Bash seems to be already bored by that so he sleep again now, but Choco is watching it!

- use our Nexus 5. No soucy no surprise except that it is really extremely light (well I cheat because a colleague whose I hide the name beacause I know he wants to stay anonymous - huh Harry ;-) showed me this phone).

I have the pleasure to hear some people of our gamers band of the monday evening, I could hear their little voices and their cheerfulness via skype. And that was really great \o/ I miss you guys!

The most amazing moment : ArenantNet's seduction strength. They are nice and friendly (well the few that I had the chance to speak to were), they seem to always be in good mood (if they drink the same drinks as me, they are suger full, and so it doesn't surprise me), they have a patch day - we play system. When theu put a major path online (with new contents), all the society is invited to play, so I could play with my lovely husband, and that has no price!
And finally, they propose to go to the cinema. Not like "hey Thursday we can go to the cinema after work". Like "Thursday, we have booked a session at 15:00, comme!

So I have the luck to go in the room, full of ArenaNet's staff. I avoided to make the dance of joy but it was awesome. Except the fact that Sam was late. He forgotten to leave the office, so he has to find another latecomer to go to the cinema ;-)

Well watching all the movie in english was a little bit tough. First words of Gandalf, I was not sure so I watched on the bottom of the screen ... oh yes, I felt so lonely, no subtitles to help me. But it was quite good, except for certain dwarfs and Gandalf sometimes that I have some problems to understand (and some moments in the movie - why an elf-girl and the love story? why?)

To eat, we tried something in the mall. Between the fastfood and the restaurant, pasta/pizza style. We took a menu (pizza-side-drink) because the proportions seem to be reasonnable! WRONG! The side was a bowl of pasta, yes some pasta with bolognese, or paste with cheese, etc. All the sides are more that my lunch. I don't finish my side because it was too much and the pizza part looked like delicious. And it was! For the drink, I took a Tropicana fruit mixture, beacause a fruit juice has less suger. WRONG. It was really really good, like candy sirop. I loved it but if I drink this again I will die!

Another food surprise : the subway. The last week I forgot to tell you that the spicy chicken is really spicy, there are more sort of cheese. This week I took something that looks like the french sandwich "steack and cheese". Except that it was a double sandwich, more meat, more cheese avec more vegetables. So I could make 2 big lunches with only one sandwich.

News from the cats : they sleep ... except the evening from 17:00 and the night. They sleep a lot in their bathroom, at the top of the furniture. Except one time to another, when I wake up them, they come at the window to watch the birds.

Well during the night, it is not a quiet as the day, the record is 30. Yes I have to wake up 30 times in one night, the night after that, we locked them in their bathroom. I slept so well from 21:30 to 7:00. Now it's 2 or 3 times during the night, I can deal with it!

(For a calm week, I have a lot of things to tell ;-))

Another little thing: the food shopping. It's really hard and it takes time to choose the right things. And again the quantities are differents: 15 french croissant for $5, a little bottle of salt is more expensive than the big one. They have a lot of types for the MnM's (peanut butter, cherry, etc) So we eat well, somethimes too much but everything is good ;-)

Last point : yiha, we've got rains and some snow during one evening \o/