Saturday, December 7, 2013

#15 - First week

Laeti :
The important thing of this first week in Bellevue is the first day of Tyn at ArenaNet. As expected and because it's Tyn, everything is great, he starts at 8:30 (and I don't push him out, well on friday yes maybe a little) and he finishes at 19:00. Great long days, but he is doing it like a boss!
From my part, it's more "clam".

Go shopping to have something to eat: discovering of the american size (3 days to finish the piece of ground beef).
Talk with the leasing office, which is at the ground floor the of the building (it is really usefull) for the rent, to explain them that we have some troubles to open a bank account. The woman tells me gently that it's the last day to pay the rent without penalties, but according to the special situation and because the previous tenants were never late to pay, she can give us one more day.

Tuesday, Tyn does all the papers to obtain a SSN (thanks Eva to go with him!) and come back from work early to go to the slected bank : Bank Of America. Tyn goes to the one near the home but at 17:15 they tell him that there is 45 min to wait and they close at 18:00, so they call an other office and no problem, they close later and there is less people. During this time, I go back to the apartment to get the check which Tyn forgotten (allright, asking him if he has it at 8:00 in the morning was not my greatest idea, so this is our fault ;-) ), I hurry to find this second office (45 min of our apartment, yes it's americain notion of near ;-)), Tyn is already in the office and he opens our bank account. All we needed is our visas and a second pieve of identity, and so we have our temporary bank card \o/ Thank you Bank Of America \o/

Wednesday, after a roundtrip to ArenaNet to have a new check (they rembourse our moving bills, don't go to have check, that is not that easy!), little adventure for me when the bus changed his route because of roadworks and holidays, hopefully I have the us data on my phone, so I can asly go to the bank and go home to pay our first rent in Bellevue \o/

Thursday and Friday, it was more calm, just one new resident in animal crossing ;-)
Friday evening, restaurant with Tyn to celebrate his first week. We went to McCormick & Schmick's, near Bellevue square, and it was so delicious. My fish&chips was so good!! To be honest for the breadcrumb and the chips, they can do better (a little thought for Guéguette), but the fish was delicious!

Saturday shopping : gloves, beanie hat and running shoes for me, and both of us a sweat: a Cougars' for me and Huskies' for Tyn.

We also received the papers to fill and return to have an appointment for our ID card \o/

Tyn :
What a crazy week! The jet lag has helped me being more of a morning person that I've ever been (literaly: nobody had seen me this awake so early in the morning before), and I was able to get work a 8:30 a.m. on Monday fully rested and ready. And what a welcome! I receive goodies right away (a collector edition of Guild Wars 2), the colleagues are incredibly nice, and since it's almost Christmas, I even get... A PlayStation 4 ! It's going to be hard to beat such a first day.

After the first administrative formalities and a tour of the studio, I discover my desk, facing a window, with a view on the forest. Simply gorgeous, it's almost a shame that there are screens in front of my eyes. Thankfully, the job was very exciting right away. I'm on this phase where I have a huge amount of stuff to learn, where everything is completely different from what I used to know, and that's fascinating. In my previous works, at Ankama (on Dofus 2) and at Ubisoft (on O.zen), I was there early in the production, which meant that I could learn piece by piece as stuff was created. Here, there's already tons of existing stuff, and discovering and learning all of it is going to be a blast.

On the evening, the bad side of the jet lag kicks in. I'm tired quickly, and as soon as I get home, Laeti and I have only one thing in mind - getting some sleep. I think it's the first time that I feel this much the effects of time difference, but it's probably also the pressure that goes down a little. This week-end is the first in ages where we actually have some time for ourselves, and it feels great.

The toughest part this week, without a doubt, was letting go of my sweet wife every morning, only to see her hours later in the evening (sometimes way too late - sorry, I get carried away), at a time when we're both already tired. I'm infinitely grateful to her for being at my side in this incredible adventure, and truth be told, without here, I'm very much doubting that I would have done such madness. Thank you, my love.