Sunday, December 1, 2013

#14 - Installation day

December, Sunday the 1st 2013.
Be online it's a good start but we really need chairs ;-)

We rent a car on the hertz website, 30$ for the day, we print the road map to Ikea, we take the furnitures list make on the website (we discover some options on the website like print the list with all the references, in order in the shop and the coordinates in the warehouse).
We take the car: an automatic chevrolet cruze ... the first time that I drive an automatic car, the first time I drive in the USA (I have a French driver license).

So it's not more complicated than a manual, you just have to keep your left foot very very far because of the usual clutch, you don't engage you strongly brake. Yes, it happens to me, in the parking lot and really slowly, I think I was going to stall ... beginner failure.
In the morning, I read a website (in french), just to be sure.

At Ikea, no surprise, all the ikea are the same ;-) We find all we need: desks, flatware, chairs, lamp. After unloeading the stuff, brink back the car, we go to the subway! Everything is quite similar to the french subway, we are just always surprise by the drink size, we have all the day to drink it ;-)

Then we assemble our desks and our chairs and we settle down to our desks ... we are happy but we are under the jet lag effect, it's 18:00 and we are really really tired.

We decide to go out for a walk and maybe take something to eat.
Near the Bellevue Square, we arrive in the snowflake lane: dancers, musicians, illuminated buildings, Christmas carols ... and the best : some fake snow : it's really AMAZING. So we stay like an hour to watch the show and to take advantage of the happiness.
When the show ends, crowd dispersed calmly, the road can reopen 10 minutes after the end of the show. What a pleasure!

For the meal, we went to P.F. Chang’s China Bistro, because I wanted to stay with the cats, we ordered to go, it was really really good !