Monday, February 24, 2014

#25 - Week 11 and 12

There is nothing new or extraordinary in our lives, so the posts will be more rare.

So what's new in 2 weeks ...

We made the moving-out inspection of our old appartment in Metro 112 with just a maintenance guy. Everything was great so there was no problem, he even told me that the cleaning was awesome \o/ Yeah, I've got a super power \o/

To celebrate this, before Sam takes his bus to work, good americain citizen style, we went to Starbucks. Obviously, I've got the question "What's your name ?", she understood it and repeated it very well but has written Nutichia. It is now official Laetitia is not a good first name when you want to travel.

I had to call the moving compagny to have some news. Our stuff is still in Europe, everything was loaded on the 21st of February, the ship arrives at New York the 12th of March, then 10 or 15 days later, the local company will call us for the delivery. When we signed, they told us that it could take up to 12 weeks for the delivery, we are on the 14th weeks so for mid of April it will be 22 weeks, when you do something like this, you don't have to be in a rush!

I'm still looking for a job, I've applied at Valve, UndeadLabs and Bungie, I keep searching a little. I hesitate between apply everywhere just to have a working-visa and apply just where I really want to work. For now I took the second option, Sam pushes me to the first one, suspense suspense ;-)

We have tried a new restaurant: Sushi Maru, it's turning-sushi style restaurant (Kaiten Sushi). Because it's quite downstairs from our new appartment, we had to test it. And it was EXCELLENT \o/

We went to the cinema to see 'Lego The movie". We laughed like children, it was really fun and I understood all of it \o/ Seats are still comfortable, with space and cup holders. The mistake we made, it's that we have juste finished our breakfast, so we couldn't taste all the theater treats, but the popcorn bag were giant, I still do not believe it. We have to go back to take some pictures and taste the nachos with cheddar ;-) Be careful of the movie soundtrack, it stucked in our head!

I make some progress, I am able to make phone calls in English \o/ It was to fix a rendez-vous with an association (to give our old bed) and to fix a problem with pudget sound, so it was short, but I do it fine \o/

I had a noisy surprise on Thursday morning, at 8:30, fire alarm in the appartment and it wasn't me. 5 minutes later, I watch in the hallway, I see a woman with her baby and her dog, a man who is dressing. So I leave the idea of just an excercice, I decide to go downstairs. Everybody was outside, in pyjamas for the most. 5 minutes later the firemen were there (what a big truck !!) and 5 minutes later, we could go back in our appartments. Now I know that I have to train our cats to go in their moving box when they hear this noise. Little morning fear.

Because I had to stay lie down, I could finish the 4400, Heroes and I began X-Files. Yes, I have never see any X-Files episode (just one but fourth times). It's funny, especially the one with the AI (it's really smart to elaborate plans but it mounts the floppy disk and reads it ... seriously ...) and I discover other episodes of Quantum Leap and what a pleasure. It's a little bit old but it's awesome.

The guys from the association came to get our old bed and they were really nice. They also complimented me for the cleanning. At the leasing office, girls wera sad that we have to leave and I also have the pleasure to have an american hug from one of the girls \o/ And they told me that we will get back most of our deposit \o/