Wednesday, February 5, 2014

#23 - Week 9

On Sunday morning, we played GuildWars2 and on the afternoon, we went to a small walk in the botanical garden in Bellevue. It was a little bit sad because trees and flowers don't like winter, but it was amazing to discover this side of the town, 15 min from downtown Bellevue, it was great and beautiful.


As you can see, there is Bilbo's house, 2 funny goblins, a beautiful waterfall and a playing field. The playing field is at one entry, near a school, nice surroundings (look at this sky !!!)

While returning, we passed on a railroad closed for a long time. I had a theory of stolen train which could go that way, thus I had told to Samuel to be always wary when he crossed. OK I am not comfortable near railroads. Besides this railroad passes on a totally wooden gigantic bridge, what fascinates Sam. With his sparkling eyes, I cracked and we went to this famous bridge but we arrived in front of an attractive very well made rusty gate, but far from the famous bridge.

To congratulate ourselves, we went to the mall to drink and eat something. We tried Jamba juice. It was delicious delicious. And to eat, we tried Top pot, it was excellent excellent.

On Tuesday, we got the keys of our new apartment. We had to pay the rent, had an assurance contract and give our PSE account number. We checked the apartment with the technical chief. His job is to fix everything (light bulbs, wall scratches), it's really easy, when you have a problem, you fill a form on their website and they come to fix it. He explained to us how everything worked in the apartment and we did our joyful dance \o/

Here is the floor plan of our apartment :

The cats will no longer have "their" bathroom :/
THE big bad news of the week: ArenaNet doesn't ask for H1 visa this year, event if I have a good resume according to their HR, a little piece of dream is gone (ok a big). It's life, now I have to find something elsewhere. [Sam: if you're looking for an amazing AI programmer in the Seattle area, you MUST contact Laetitia!]
Saturday moving day + Ikea and Sunday Superbowl \o\ Seahawks /o/ (we have to understand the rules before the match).