Friday, February 7, 2014

#24 - Week 10

There it is, we have moved in our new apartment.

The Saturday was really exhausting: rent a car at 9:00 (a 2013 toyota sienna so big) and first travel with the maximum of our stuff whose the couch. After that a little Jamba Juice drink because we didn't had breakfast yet. 10:30, we go to Ikea, with our 4 pages list. We spent a lot of time to choose our mattress ;-) And so we leave Ikea with a lot of stuff!

We unloaded the car and we treat ourselves with a yummy break at Chipotle, it is 3 p.m. At 3:30 p.m. last trip with what remains at the apartment and the cats! We unloaded, got the car back, went to build the furnitures, and boom, it is 6 p.m., and we are exhausted. We built the bed and 2-3 stuff, it is now 10 p.m., we watched a "Psych" episode and went for a good night of sleep.

Well not really because one of our cat, Bash has meowed all the night ...

Building of the furniture Sunday morning, with the installation of the TV, and at noon a small lunch with Laetitia's famous waffles (yum yum). At 3:30p.m. the superbowl started: Seahawks (Seattle) VS Broncos (Denver). Then end of the installation during the second half, because in fact it lasts for ages, there are ads every 3 minutes and the Seahawks led the whole game so it wasn't really exciting ("oh another touchdown ").

The rest of the week wasn't exciting: putting stuff in order, cleaning, job searching.
So there are some pictures of our new home!

We have tested the health system. I needed a treatment because we are trying to have a baby, so I took an appointment to a gynecologist. On their website, they give the forms to fill in, to save some time at the office and so I saw that we needed an insurance number. So Sam have asked to his HR, and we need to register online and then they send us our cards with our numbers. But we have a paper to prove our insurance. But at the office, the assistant told us that she needed this number, she tried to call to have the number but they didn't want to give to her. So we asked her how much if we don't have this number right now : $240 to see the doctor but wthout asking questions only $150. With the insurance card, it's only $9, so we will wait ;-)