Tuesday, March 12, 2013

#7 - Second day of interview

After a stressful night, going over and over every answer to yesterday's test, telling myself how better I should have done, how not too bad, but not good enough it was, and so on, the waking up was a little tough. But the adrenaline took over the fatigue quickly. Right next was the second day of interview.

Today's program, technical discussion on my answers to the test, analysis of the choices I've made, of the approaches I've used, ... Very cordial, and quite frankly, comforting mood with the team. Having sat a number of times in their seat, interviewing my own candidates, was a precious experience for this day, helping me understand where they wanted to head the conversation and what was expected of my answers.

At lunch, another interview at a restaurant was planned with the head of the server programming team. In the very own car of ArenaNet's technical director, we drove to Factoria in our quest for food. Being seated right next to the man, quite the legend, had added its fair amount of pressure. But as we're driving next to the I-90, the sound of a siren cuts the conversation short. The police. We're pulled over.

As the car engine stops, the policeman approaches, a hand on his holster, as in the books. "Keep your hands on the steering wheel." He looks just like Rick Grimes, the sheriff from AMC's The Walking Dead. At least to a tourist like me.

"Sir, how fast do you think you were going?" Damn.

A speeding ticket in our driver's pocket, we were back on our way to lunch. "We do that for every interview, just to see how you'd react", he jokes. Nice way of blowing off some steam. Thank you, Officier.