Monday, March 11, 2013

#6 - First day of interview...

...which was also Laeti's birthday!

We arrived early at ArenaNet's building, where I was headed to conduct my first day of interview. Laeti was expecting to have to leave, but to her surprise, they invited her as well to tag along during the tour of the studio. Which was amazing: open spaces but with enough walls to keep the overall volume acceptable, easily movable desks, a huge kitchen with tons of free snacks, ... Seeing that it was so awesome added a lot of pressure to the upcoming challenges!

Right after lunch (we ate at the studio, there's this great thing where you can order your food just by writing your name and choice down to a list, and it's delivered right at your desk at noon), Laeti started her second tour (headed to the playtesting room), and I began the technical test. Obviously, I won't get into details, but it was both very stessful and very interesting. A good, pertinent test can mean a lot to prove that you're targeting a great company. Those were the lines of code that had the most potential to change our lives that I had ever written!

While I was sweating to secure a position there, Laeti was continuing her tour by chatting with designers and community managers (hi, Stephane!). She even had the chance to play in a room full of designers which were testing the content of a future update of the game. She had won a Golden Ticket for her birthday!

Once the technical test completed, as I was crying a little bit inside ("oh dear lord, have I screwed this up?"), and after a short detour to our hotel, we were invited to eat at a luxurious restaurant in Bellevue, where Laeti ate her favorite food: Fish'n'Chips! I chose a salmon, which was amazing as well.

A day full of promises!