Sunday, March 10, 2013

#5 - Seattle first time

As we had a free day before Sam interviews, we decided to pay a visit to the Washington state's biggest city, Seattle!

As the good tourists that we were, our first stop was the Space Needle, the iconic monument of the town, built during the 1962 World's Fair. As the price to get on the top was a little too high at $20, we decided not to get in (plus, we had just flew over the city the day before). Instead, we checked out the surroundings.

Amazing idea: indoor terraces. We discovered the Armory, which is a closed space with countless restaurants (kabobs, Subway, ...) , a museum for children, and plenty of indoor tables and chairs to eat, rest, read or play. That's were we ate our first American meals!

For Sam: a waffle with grilled pork, scrambled eggs and maple sirup, and for Laeti, a classic burger and fries.

That was way, way more food than we were used to! The digestion was tough, a nap could easily have been used.

In the afternoon, we took the monorail to get to downtown Seattle, and see the famous Pike Market. We saw plenty of fishes there, as well as many store selling second-hand books and disks. The sight on the ferry wheel on the port, right next to the Puget Sound, is great. Well, even if it was raining at the time.

Once our tour completed, and after having proudly bought our Orca Cards, we headed back to Bellevue, exhausted by the walk. In the bus, we confirmed what we saw the day before. People are nice to the driver, always saying "hello" when going in and "goodbye" while living. A real pleasure.

Before going back to the hotel, we weren't able to resist getting a first sight at the company where Sam was interviewing the next day. That way, we would be sure of the way, and it was also the opportunity for Laeti to...

... proudly pose in front of the building sign!