Sunday, January 19, 2014

#21 - Week 7

What a busy week!

Friday, we received our new TV screen \o/ A huge Samsung, Smart TV (which means Netflix directly on it), 3D (yeah, we don't care about that either), 51". UPS had to pickup our "old" one (the one that was broken when we received it) the same day, but they ended up not coming. We called, and were told that the delivery guy came, but that there was nobody for him there, then we were told that there was nothing at the leasing office and that the delivery guy doesn't go upstairs, then we were told that our address doesn't exist. Difference with France, here people do their best to help you event if it's late in the day. I don't know if it is hard for them to work so late, but what we can see, teams change often. But for a "customer" point of view, it is really great. So we left the TV on Saturday at the leasing office and they came on Monday.

Waffles again on Saturday because it's really good (and I have to finish the milk). Then we had to buy some stuffs to do the king pie (the real term is "galette des rois" so I just imagine the translation), but there was like a storm with a lot of wind and rain, so we watched the games available on the PS4 ... around noon (less than 15 minutes after we were in the couch) a blackout, Sam went down at the leasing office, it is in the whole block. So we tried to find something to do then suddenly ... sun, sun everywhere. So we took this opportunity and we went buy our stuff. And on our way home, the storm was back with a cold wind and come hail. And in the apartment, no electricity yet. Pudget Sound Energy kept his twitter account and their website up-to-date, always jovially even if they were sorry, especially for the Seahawks' fans (they won \o/). We had the electricity back at 5:30(PM), just when we have choosen a restaurant to go. So to celebrate that, Sam has made the dinner and it was really good!

We have made some king-pies, because all our french and belgium friends talked about that on Facebook. Our friend Nico gave us a recipe but it needed some almond powder and in the safeway, we could not find it, but there was almond pasta, so with a little research on the net, and here we go with that. We were surprised to find the puff pastry in a can and when I opened it I was really surprised to see that the puff pastry really wanted to go out. So, this is the result:

It was really good. But the recipe was for 8, so we have made 8 "little" pies, but the truth is one personne can't eat one pie (maybe someone else but not us) so it's more 16 parts than 8. But it was really good \o/ In the second try, we tried to close the pie to avoid to have all the "frangipane" to go out the pie, but each time it goes out :/ But is was really good!! 

Here the proportions are more important than in France and because we are good eaters and not into sports and we don't want to be obese (I have promised to my stepmother to take care of Sam!), we pay attention to what we eat. To monitor well, in France, we bought 2 "Fitbit Flex" wristband. We saw that we rarely done the minimum of 10'000 steps to do in one day. It also tracks the sleep, usefull to see how often and when Bash wake me up. So we bought the "Fitbit Aria" scale and we try to put all we eat on the website. It scales weight but also the body fat percent and geek stuff, it is connected by wifi so it sends the datas to our dashboard \o/ So now we see that we are not into sports, we eat too much and we are fat \o/ Seriously, we lost some weight so we can eat again King pie and waffles!

I have called the french mail office because our mails arrive in our old apartment. The guy told me that the delivery address was wrong, that's why we were not having our mails. Except that the mails are still in France and the only mail that we received had the wrong address but the postman had no problem to delivery it.
So he wrote an email to another office ... it's so slow :/

We are searching an apartment because our rental agreement ends on the 24th February. We like our apartment in Metro112, but there is carpet in every room (except for the bathrooms and the kitchen) and cats love it :/ The apartment is in the North at the corner of 2 big roads so it is noisy and our windows are in front of a city light so I have trouble to sleep. The residence is really great and we are fine here. To be continued ...

I have sent my resume to the HR of ArenaNet, without much hope I confess, but at least I try ...

The french taxes office answered me about their mail. I had the same mail in january 2013, they have told me that it was not their, so I have not looked forward: MSTAKE! This year, I was answered that until the levy of this taxe is not stopped, they take the money, then they realise the mistake (because I pay this taxe with Sam since we are married) and give the money back. Now the levy is stopped ... see you next year to see that.

On Wednesday, we went back to the licensing department to have our address checked and do our Id cards. It took 1h30 but the next week, we will have our Id cards \o/