Saturday, January 18, 2014

#20 - Week 6

Here is some of our news.

 - Our apartment in France was sold (the 01/03 when we were sleeping), so we are no longer house owner \o/ That means that when we will come back in France, we won't know where to go (prepare your friend's bedroom or your couches ;-)) So we finished to reimburse our loan, to pay the utilities, etc. We don't have any news from the new owners, that means that everything is fine or they haven't seen the apartment yet.

 - For this occasion my kind daddy has left the keys and has took the mails. Great! Bills, taxes, letters from our bank, to resume, the forwarding made by La Poste doesn't work. When I tried to reach them by mail, they ask me for my contract number, let's see it (check the "numéro de contrat" field):

For the moment, I've sent an email and if I have no answer soon, I must call them, with a time lag of 9, that will be fun fun fun \o/

- We have asked again our bank, the taxes office and all the administrative offices to change our address. For the bank, it was good, it was just some stuffs sent before, the taxes office haven't answered yet, and the french national health care, they have th sens of humor. They sent me an email to say that I have an answer in my inbox available in their website, why put the answer in this email, no it won't be fun. When I tried, I had the message "Service temporarily unavailable. Please try again later ..." for 2 days. They need more information and their final answer is to ask to the health care of my country ... just because their web site changes Bellevue by Bellevue La Montagne in France \o/ I have insisted telling them that I don't really care about their mail, but they have a problem in their website so they could juste look at it. They answered me to contact the office of the abroad French, in France, they can be joigned only by phone and postal mail. I give up!

 - I read the driver guide of the Washington state. It is available in pdf and explain clearly how to get your license driver and it costs only $35 \o/ The book is really because, it warns that the other driver may not follow the rules so you have to be really careful of your behavior and the others' behavior. I think it is really good to warn drivers and the only time that I drove, a Sunday morning early (it was for Ikea so yes there was some people), I found that it was ok, I will make a special post for the driver license ;-)

 - Sam has a lot of fun at his job, he works hard and they appreciate his job.

 - We watch the show Psych, it's fun. We finished the first season of House of cards, it is really good! We also watched "The World's End" and "Iron Sky": fun fun and fun. I started Buffy  and for the moment, even if it's a little bit old, I really enjoy it. And Netflix rocks!

 - The thing that took me a lot of time, it's LEGO Marvel Superheroes on PS4, I am addict, I dream of that, it's all I like in games (collections, fun fights, enigmas, quests ans cars races), well for the AI and the flight command, we have seen better ;-)

 - Oh and we code a little bit, but you will know more about this later ;-)

 - I have reheat a pizza in the oven (you 're goint to tell me that t's not very interesting and you are right) and when I opened if there was a little smoke, nothing serious for me but serious enough for the apartment's fire alarm. It really hurts the ears, it calmed the cats, it was an expérience. Hoppefully, we opened everything and less than 1 minute later it stopped. You have been warned!

 - The licensing department called me to fix an appointment to make my identity card. I precised that Sam has also made a request and that will be great if we could come together. She searched and checked his file (less than 1 minute) and told me that there is no problem for them if it's better for us. So we have an appointment Wednesday 01/15 \o/

 - For the cold strom on the United States, we are safe. It is a litlle bit cold but no storm, no snow, some rain but that's all.