Friday, November 29, 2013

#12 - The trip

November, Friday the 29th 2013.
6:00 : We wake up, we finish our luggages.

7:10 : My father and my stepmother arrive to drive us to the train station (thanks them !), beacause we have a few baggages: 2 big luggages, 1 small luggage, 2 backpacks with our computers and above all the 2 cats !

8:36 : Our train leaves and we nearly don't cry (thanks Anthony and Gus for coming to see us !) Charles de Gaulle airport : here we go !

9:40 : Arrival at the airport where we could test the special carts "you-can't-carry-all-of-your-luggage". Results : the airport is not design for these :D Event if the carts are available nearly train doors (available = abandoned), there is just one elevator on the dock. On the first floor, we discover than we have to go a different teminal and for that we have to take the automatic shuttle which is really brutal, trap your luggage to avoid a fall! And we learn that the path to the shuttle is forbidden to the special carts \o/ After the shuttle, we find another special cart (put in order this one \o/), we suffer the strike (french speciality I think) during almost 30 min (people yelling and speaking in a megaphone "we are motivated" "we all burning down" ... delightful with our cats, thanks !)  When Icelandair's staff arrive, Tyn ask them how to do with cats : we have to register (desposit the luggages, take our boarding pass), go to a special counter to pay (100€ per cat) and leave thecats to the "special luggages" counter. The icelandair staff comme to take us to a vip counter, because we wera at the end of the queue. Before leaving the cats, we gave them some sedative (thank you Marie for the material, it worked well) Recipe: smash the sedatives, put the powder in a pipette, add some water and squeeze, and in the cat's mouth. Material: sedative, fork + cat bowl to smash, pipette, spoon to pur the powder int the pipette, water.
After that, we watch them leaving with the staff ... really hard moment, as you can imagine!

13:20 : Take off of the plane to Reykjavik. We watched "The incredicble Burt Wonderstone", it was fun, then Tyn fell asleep while I played to the 3DS \o/

17:20 (Reykjavik time, so 18:20 in France): Take off to Seattle. We watched "Oblivion" and we regreted it ... very much, so Tyn choose to sleep to not suffer again from my movie choice, so I watched "Run fatboy Run" it was fun, then I watched "The great Gatsby" and I regreted it.

16:30 (Seattle time, so 1:30 in france): Landing in Seattle, luggages and cats recovery. I was told to not be frightened if the cats were still asleep... I haven't had the time to worry, both of them arrived, seating in their carrier and very happy to see us! So we left with our driver (thank you ArenaNet!) to our apartment \o/ Warning: Icelandair does not give free meal aboard, so keep your credit card near you or get food before ;-)

17:30 : Discovery of our apartment ... 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a laundry room and some huge closets (pics are available here).

18:00 : We go to the store to buy some food and for the cats ;-) We bought the classic bottle (3L) and some ready-to-use litter : you havo to take off the paper and the litter box is ready, really usefull to avoid to carry the big loud package at home!

19:30 : Setup of the cat space in the smallest bathroom, Choco is really awake, Bash is still a little bit sleepy but they eat so everything is ok!

21:30 : Meal : hawaiian pizza cooked in the oven which is almost twice the size of our french oven.

23:30 : Sleeping time and the end of this really long day of 31 hours \o/ Even if we were tired, at 3:00 we woke up ... but we slept to stop the jet lag effect, because someone has to go to work on Monday ;-)