Thursday, November 28, 2013

#11 - The relocation

We choose to move with just the essentials, so we sold all our stuff (apartment, couchs, TV, tables, car) and we took all we need (clothes, books, computers, cat and cats' toys). One part goes to Seattle by a container on a boat (we signed with moving home compagny so we let you know if it was a good or a bad idea), the other part comes with us, yes the 2 cats too: Choco and Bash ;-)

This is their carriers after the "Pimp my carrier really quick befor moving" effect.

Front : Choco's on the left, Bash's on the right
Back : Choco's on the left, Bash's on the right
The apartment is almost empty (just one bed left !), it's almost cleaned. Everything is going to be good for our last day as French residents ;-)

Tomorrow, we'll wake up early, the train to Paris leaves at 8:36 and the flight lands at 13:20 (we need to be 3 hours before the landing for the cats) and we arrive in Seattle near 16:30, local time.

I have some cleaning to do ;-)